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How Microsoft Circumvents UK Privacy Laws

Richard submitted:

“If you phone up Microsoft in the UK, the first thing you hear is a tape recording saying that your call will be routed out of the country in order that your personal data may then be used and collected for any purpose in a country that does not abide by the UK Data Protection Act (1998), and if you don’t like it, hang up now.

What is the point of having data protection laws if I am required to waive my rights under them as a pre-requisite to speaking to a company?”


Wow. Not all that surprising, as the Gates’ and Jobs’ of the world can apparently do whatever they want, as they please, but this is the first I’ve heard such legislative sidestepping committed in such a straightforward manner.

Any other consumer experiences out there in which an automated voice notifies you before your rights are infringed upon?

(image via Ars Technica).