The Small Print Project                            

About this Site

The Small Print Project began as a graduate project for Cory Doctorow’s Set-Top Cop course at The University of Southern California’s Annenberg School for Communication.

The purpose of this project is to document experiences — both good and bad — presented by the millions of EULAs (End User Licensing Agreements) as they are both designed and encountered, knowingly or otherwise. This project will only last 8 weeks or so as an academic endeavor, however, this site is designed with the hopes of fostering discussion, suggestion, exposition and implementation of EULAs (electronic and otherwise) in an effort to help define, describe and mediate the nature of agreements in the digital age.

Any and all input is invited from individuals and businesses on both the consumer and products/services site.

Who’s Project is This?
Andy Sternberg graduated with a Master’s degree in Online Journalism in May 2007 from the University of Southern California’s Annenberg School for Communication. Sternberg is committed to the sensible and practical proliferation of all things digital and believes that consumerism and capitalism can continue to thrive most especially if technology advances with a high level of transparency and social collaboration. He tracks his passions and reveals his obsessions on his blog.

This was for a class?!?

PUBD510: Set-Top Cop was a one-semester-only course in the USC Annenberg Master’s in Public Diplomacy program taught by Cory Doctorow. Cory is currently teaching a course called “Pwned: Is Everyone on Campus a Copyright Criminal?”


The Small Print Project placed second in USC Webfest 2007 for Best Academic Web Site.

The Small Print Project has been featured on: — “The Small Print Project: El alma por un click,” 15 feb 2007
TWiT (This Week in Tech) — “ReasonableAgreement,” 12 feb 2007
Information Week — Cory Doctorow, “Shrinkwrap Licenses: An Epidemic Of Lawsuits Waiting To Happen, February 3, 2007.
USA TODAY — Andrew Kantor, “‘User agreements’ to disagree with” November 10, 2006.
CBC Radio One’s “Freestyle” November 8. (listen).
Smith Magazine‘s Smith List, “Read the Fine Print,” November 30.
Boing Boing on Oct. 17 and Oct. 30.
Consumerist on Oct. 25


Andy Sternberg

Annenberg School for Communication

andysternberg [at] gmail [dot] com

3502 Watt Way

Los Angeles



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  • Kevin

    Nice idea for a blog. I think I may enjoy it while it lasts.

    But, um,

    “Who’s Project is This?”



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