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EMI + Jobs: What’s Really Going On

Personally, I think Steve Jobs is full of it. In fact, I dare him to live up to the rhetoric in his so-called blog post on DRM-free music.

We’ll see what really happens at 1 p.m. GMT. Any guesses?

UPDATE: EMI’s offering their entire catalog (save for the Beatles) online sans DRM. How will the industry respond?

The kicker, after all, is that EMI is charging 30 cents more for the non-DRM tracks, or as EFF puts it, essentially placing a 30 percent surcharge on buying back your rights. Why not just by the DRM-free CD?

MIT Libraries Stand Up to DRM

Always nice to see an institution-wide boycott of DRM (especially at a U.S. university).

From the MIT Libraries blog:

The MIT Libraries have canceled access to the Society of Automotive Engineers’ web-based database of technical papers, rejecting the SAE’s requirement that MIT accept the imposition of Digital Rights Management (DRM) technology.


At a time when technology makes it possible to share research more quickly and broadly than ever before, and when innovative automotive research is a matter of global concern, SAE is limiting access to the research that has been entrusted to the society. In addition to imposing DRM on access to the papers for paid subscribers, the SAE also prevents information about its papers from being found through any channel other than the ones they control.


The entire post is worth reading — it includes faculty and administration comments — and is a good model for universities.

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