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Opera Unite Browser May Pwn Your Internet Experience

Another hot build of one of the top browsers, incorporating p2p and social networking — but look out — Opera Unite‘s EULA is an eUGLY one.

Via FactoryJoe:


Not exactly “decentralized” (more on this in the next section).

Furthermore, if you read through the Opera Desktop End User License Agreement (which you had to if you installed the browser — shame on you if you didn’t!), you would have read section 7: USE OF SERVICES (emphasis mine):

Opera Unite and Transmission and Receipt of Content: Certain features of the Software and Services, including Opera Unite, may allow you to post or send content and/or links to content stored on your computer, that can be viewed by others (”User Generated Content”). Opera Software ASA exercises no control over User Generated Content passing through its network or equipment or available on or through the Services. You agree that Opera Software ASA is not liable for any loss of data. YOU MAY ONLY POST OR SEND USER GENERATED CONTENT THROUGH THE SERVICES THAT YOU CREATED OR THAT YOU HAVE PERMISSION TO POST OR SEND.. You agree not to use Opera Unite to upload, transfer or otherwise make available files, images, code, materials, or other information or content that is obscene, vulgar, hateful, threatening, or that violates any laws or third-party rights, hereunder but not limited to third-party intellectual property rights. We do not claim ownership of any User Generated Content. However, by submitting User Generated Content to us, you grant us and our affiliates the right and limited license to use, copy, display, perform, distribute and adapt this User Generated Content for the purpose of carrying out the Services.

(Read the article)

Virgin America: Selling Tickets without Clearance for Takeoff?

Sir Richard Branson’s San Francisco-based Virgin America fleet of A320′s is scheduled to take flight August 8, at heavily discounted rates. But, upon further review (via Orbitz‘ ordering system) it appears they aren’t yet cleared for takeoff, despite putting coach and first class seats up for sale.

Check out this bizarre small print (emphasis mine):

Please Note: Virgin America does not currently have authority from the Department of Transportation to operate the services for which your ticket is being issued. You may, upon request, cancel your ticket and obtain a full refund from Virgin America at any time before the start of operations.
If operations have not started prior to your

travel date, Virgin America will make reasonable efforts to arrange substitute air transportation for you. If substitute transportation cannot be arranged, Virgin America will refund to you 200% of the price paid for your ticket.

Hmm… so, purchase as many tickets as you want as long as you cancel what you don’t need before “start of operations” or August 8?


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