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Smile! You’re on Disney-Cam

You better watch out, you better not… It’s the Disney Christmas World Special, and as noted between the Mickey-ears below, you’ve just consented to the use of your likeness and voice — don’t even think about calling your agent (and nevermind if you can’t read but already star in diaper commercials)!

The sign says, “If you do not wish to appear in the filming, please stay clear of the area. By entering this area you grant the producers of the footage the right to use footage of your likeness and your voice.”

So you might want to consider throwing down and trademarking your likeness before popping into Disneyland.

(Thanks, Cory)

Crazy Waiver: Kennedy Center Photographer

Lowpoints: As a teacher teaching near DC, I sometimes attend workshops at the Kennedy Center, and at one they had a photographer taking pictures. The waiver signed by all the other teachers (presumably literate people) granted the KC exclusive rights to use my image, likeness and person for any and all uses, in all media throughout the universe for all eternity, including future media not yet invented.

Highpoints: The sheer comic value of a roomful of educators granting an arts center the right to clone them.

Readers: please comment and feel free to contribute your own tale of EULA/waiver/consent astonishment via email or this form.

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