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Smile! You’re on Disney-Cam

You better watch out, you better not… It’s the Disney Christmas World Special, and as noted between the Mickey-ears below, you’ve just consented to the use of your likeness and voice — don’t even think about calling your agent (and nevermind if you can’t read but already star in diaper commercials)!

The sign says, “If you do not wish to appear in the filming, please stay clear of the area. By entering this area you grant the producers of the footage the right to use footage of your likeness and your voice.”

So you might want to consider throwing down and trademarking your likeness before popping into Disneyland.

(Thanks, Cory)

  • jerry

    If I’m not mistaken, there’s similar language on the back of Disneyland’s admission ticket. You consent to being photographed as soon as you set foot in the park.

  • skitter

    Ahh, if you don’t want to be in the final video, be sure to wear obnoxious trademarked hats and shirts that are the marks of a company not owned by ABC/Disney. Oh sure, they could retouch them, but that is expensive.

    Also, I’m wondering if it is possible to transfer “ownership” rights (right to publicity, etc) to someone else such that you have no right to waive upon entering.

    Or, you can wear a disclaimer shirt that says that by admitting you wearing the shirt that all other contracts are void.

  • Jim Sissel

    I once saw a t-shirt with the program PGP encoded and printed on it. Since PGP was considered a “munitions” its export was restricted. Wear one of those shirts and Disney couldn’t show your image in any of those restricted countries. I’m not sure but they may have to apply for a “export” if they showed it in any country outside the US.

  • Rob

    I thought the export rules were changed to allow the export of PGP? Besides, even if it wasn’t, PGP was printed as a book which arguably couldn’t be considered munitions for 1st amenedment reasons. I would think a shirt would have similar protections.

    Here’s a better idea: Wear a shirt lisensed under a share-alike Creative Commons lisense. If they’re observant, the Disney people will run to the hills to avoid THAT showing in their video. If they’re not, well, maybe the WDW Christmas Special will be the next “It’s a Wonderful Life”.

  • Bart Stewart

    I love the message of this website, but this video-taping notice is one example where I’m not so convinced there is a problem. How would anybody ever produce a video of a public event without a notice to avoid the area if you didn’t want to be in the video? Now, in the case of a big area like the entire Disneyland facility, that would be different. Anyway, this video-taping notice does not strike me as being in the same league as the other abusive practices mentioned on this site.

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  • sam

    These are popping all over the place. I spotted a very similar “by entering this area, you are agreeing to having your likeness used, etc” sign at the solar decathlon. Seems particularly creepy when it is on the national mall, the most public of public spaces.